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AGDA Group

AGDA Group

Strong Foundation and Authoritative Certification

AGDA Holdings Pty Ltd. was founded by financial and IT experts who have more than 30 years of experience in the financial services, investment and banking sectors.  Australian Global Digital Asset Exchange Pty Ltd. (ADGAEx) is the key subsidiary of ADGA Holdings, which is a registered DCE (“Digital Currency Exchange”) with AUSTRAC – the Australian Regulator.

Comprehensive Risk Management

AGDAEx has always strived to optimize our transaction system, in order to help business partners monitor each of their transactions in most efficient ways.  The upgraded security functions of our transaction system proof to give clients and business partners peace of mind.
AGDAPay OTC is our payment gateway dedicated to provide comprehensive c2c interfaces for our Dapp Merchants, in order to enhance their business acumen and functions in terms of fund movements.

Professional Team & High Quality Customer Services

Our professional team provides comprehensive supports to our Liquidity Providers and clients.  We closely monitor the market to make sure our solutions are always up-to-date and most suitable for our LPs and clients.  Our customer service team provides 24-hour phone and online support.  It allows clients and LP's to instantly gain access to their account information and the ever-changing market conditions.