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AGDAEx 2019

AGDAEx 2019

"A year's plan starts with spring" is an old but very true saying in the Chinese language. Spring represents vitality and hope. For teams that work in the world of cryptos and blockchains, 2019 will definitely be a year of challenges and vitality.

Many of the launched ICO projects did not make it to be listed and ended up in the trash bin, this leads to the loss of confidence and faith of many investors. Making bad things worse, the decline in Bitcoin prices has led to sharp depreciations of digital assets. Some investment masters once said, "Be greedy when others are fearful."  Let us all witness together if this applies to the 2019 world of cryptos.

AGDAEx was successfully registered in September 2018 to become an "Digital Currency Exchange " regulated by AUSTRAC . It hopes not only be a DEC but to become a "digital asset" redemption center catering the majority of investors and users, with its "integrity-based, compliance first" policy. In addition to the traditional token-token trading market, AGDAEx will focus even more on the connectivity of real-world application of tokens. The company is confident in the development of blockchains as the future of Smart Economy. When assets are digitized, the role of a trading centre becomes very important as a property transfer intermediary.

In 2019, the crypto community will extensively focus on the development prospects of Security Token, Crypto ETF and Stable Coin. With all our hearts, efforts and responsibilities, AGDAEx hopes to create opportunities for all our friends and supporters in the community!