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Opening an Account

Q1. How to open a Trading Account?

Ans: You can “sign up” for new Trading Account at

Q2. How to open a Demo Account?
Ans: Our system does not provide a Demo Account.

Q3. What to do if you lose or forget your account password?
Ans: You can click the “Forgot Password” button within the sign in page to reset your password.
The system will send an email to the email address you registered with, please click the link to reset your password.

Q4. Can an individual register multiple accounts?
Ans: Technically, an individual client can apply for more than 1 account if they wish, provided they use a separate email address each time. But our system will need second step verification by using personal identification, and will need to use a payment link for which only ONE identity can be used, therefore it is recommended to use only 1 account for each individual.

Q5. What if it still failed to link up after 2 verification steps?
Ans: Our system performs verification by using a Mobile Phone Link and Google App verification. If you do not receive a mobile verification code, first check if the mobile number is correct. There is no need to input a country code as the system can read it from the registration data.

Q6. What if I cannot login after 2 verification steps?
Ans: If you lose access to your phone number or the Private Key to the Google App, you can submit information for retrieval. Provide a personal photo with identification and a paper with writing “ Resend Verification Steps ”, then send that info to [email protected] , and our client service officers will quickly help to resolve the issue.

Q7. What if I don’t receive a system email?
Ans: If you do not receive an email when registering an account, please check if the email address is correct. Also check if the email went to the spam folder. If the email is redirected to your spam folder, then retrieve it from there and put our system email address onto the white list.

Q8. Why do we need to have KYC ( Know Your Customer ) check?
Ans: Australian Global Digital Asset Exchange is a legally registered Crypto Currency Exchange by AUSTRAC. Clients have to comply to our regulatory check to ensure they are regulatory compliant.

About Deposit and Withdrawal

Q1. How do I make a deposit?

Ans: After successfully opening a trading account, you can access the “ Deposit and Withdrawal ” pages
a. You can deposit fiat money into our “ Client designated ” account of the bank.
b. You can deposit digital currency into the company e-wallet account, we are now accepting deposits of BTC, ETH & USDT.